Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need library instruction for my class?
While library instruction is not required for every class at UTC, we believe that many classes can benefit. We created the tool below to provide a few examples of when library instruction may be useful. Click and drag to learn more about common academic challenges and our instruction solutions.

How far in advance should I schedule my class?
If possible, please try to contact us to schedule your session at least a week in advance of when you would like to bring your students. Our calendars get very crowded and we need enough lead time to insure that both a librarian and a classroom are available, and that we have time to plan and develop a customized session that meets the needs of your student and your research assignment.

What if I need to reschedule my library session?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your class has gotten out of sequence or behind schedule. We would much rather reschedule with you than work with a class that is unprepared. Just email Virginia to let her know!

Can I use one of your classrooms for a semester long course?
We apologize, but no. While two of our classrooms (Rooms 102 and 207) are official university classrooms, our library instruction rooms are managed by us. We like to keep them open for library instruction, workshops or classes that need to use library resources. But! If you would like to use one of our rooms to have your class work on research and do not need a library instructor, just schedule your class and let us know.

Can I bring my night class for library instruction?
Absolutely! We are happy to work outside of our regularly scheduled hours in order to accommodate your class. In fact, we’ve even been known to do Saturday classes…

Do I need to bring my class to the library, or can someone come to my classroom?
While for some classes it is best to meet in the library, for others it may not be. We are flexible, and are happy to visit your classroom if you think that would be more appropriate for your needs.