Our Classrooms

Room 209: Traditional Desktop Classroom

photo of computer workstations

  • Lupton podium with workstation, wireless keyboard and mouse, ceiling-mounted projector, large wall screen, video and DVD players, stereo audio speaker system, access to the Internet, and the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • 28 desktop workstations with full access to the library databases, the Internet and the Microsoft Office Suite. Workstations print to the 2nd Floor MocPrint Release Station.

Room 208: Wireless Classroom with Laptops

image of tables and chairs in a classroom

  • Lightweight, moveable tables and chairs which can be configured for various group or individual needs. Tables seat 30.
  • Instructor station on cart with video and DVD players, stereo audio speakers, Internet, and the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • 2 projectors and 2 SmartBoard touch screens on the long wall, networked together.
  • Moveable podium with wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • 3 mobile storage carts with 26 laptops and wireless access to the library’s databases, the Internet, and Microsoft Office.
  • Laptops can print to the 2nd Floor MocsPrint Release Station.
  • Laptops are reserved for library instruction. Other groups may only use laptops with a library staff member present.

Room Usage:

Rooms 208 and 209 are managed by the Reference and Instruction Department. These rooms are primarily reserved for the Library’s Instruction Program and are used heavily throughout the semester. During times when they are not in use by the Instruction Program, the rooms may be booked by faculty or campus groups on a case by case basis. These rooms are not available for regular semester-long class bookings.

To inquire about the use of one of these rooms, contact the Head of Reference and Instruction at 423-425-2279 or via email at Virginia-Cairns@utc.edu. You may also send an inquiry online using our Schedule a Class form. Please specify that your request is for room use only.