quotation marksAfter experiencing a class session with a librarian, my students’ research proposals showed the results not only of their improved skill in searching the literature, but also in the logical structure of their papers.”

quotation marksYou guys do such a terrific job of introducing academic research and making the whole process user-friendly.”

quotation marksBo, I wanted to thank you for all your help with my research paper. I received a perfect score because of your help. Again, thank you.” – Student

quotation marksVirginia, the work you all do to help facilitate the freshman composition teaching is remarkable. Thank you again for creating such innovative and relevant library experiences for our ENGL 1010 and 1020 students.” – English Composition Program

quotation marksThe students said that they used the steps you gave them in class to find their articles. Most of the assignments were excellent, and I truly appreciate your willingness to help by offering tailored library instruction sessions.” – Faculty member

quotation marksBeverly – Thanks once again for a super informative and downright fun library session (how many of my students thought those two things could go together?)! I really appreciate all the background work you do to get ready for the class’ topics, and I know they appreciate it as well.” – Faculty member

quotation marksLane Wilkinson did an outstanding job. The students were attentive, taking notes and asking insightful questions. He handled all inquiries with direct and respectful answers. Several students commented that they had no idea that the library could ‘do so much’ and that the staff were ‘so friendly and willing to help.’” – Faculty member

quotation marksMy thanks to for the excellent instruction last week. By the way, the librarian was awesome! She has a very comfortable way with the students, and they were all listening to her!” – Faculty member

quotation marksThank you for the great library instruction sessions. I appreciate anyone who can be so vibrant and energetic about research before noon. You were fabulous.” – Faculty member

quotation marksI just wanted to let you know that the student response to the library session was overwhelmingly positive. One student wrote ‘When I first walked into the room, I was like who is this guy? When he told me he was a librarian, I almost didn’t believe him.’” – English Composition Professor

quotation marksThanks for coming to my class, Priscilla. Student papers were 100% improved after your library instruction session.” – Faculty member